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Patriots 10 year contract extension with WBCN

As is my wont on Sunday autumn afternoons, I am listening to the
Patriot's on WBCN. During the regular pre-game interview with Jonathan
 Kraft, he announced a 10 year broadcastcontract extension with WBCN.
Apparently, that's an extension on top of the current deal which still
has several years to run.

The Pats' Vice - Chairman also implied that at some point in time
maybe when the agreement with WEEI is up, that non- game day
 programming such as 'Patriots Monday' might at some point
find its way to 104.1.

I dare say it was a good move for the Krafts to bring to Pats
broadcasts to 104.1. The station seems to have great signal coverage in
most of Metro Boston and then some! Arguably the only AM outlet with as
good a signal would be WBZ. 850 for past number of years
seems more often than not have perpetual transmitter issues, where they
seem to revert to lower power a lot, and what's with the distorted
audio I hear much to often on ‘EEI lately? 1510 which you can't pick up past
like Northwest Lexington (I exaggerate only a little) isn't really a viable

Besides, WBCN seems to do a great job with the pre and posts game
features, to say nothing of good ol' Gil and Gino's play
by play.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)