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RE: Cellphones while driving - article in Boston Herald

> The one that really disturbs me is seeing people, cruising down 128 in
> the morning, with a newspaper propped up on the steering wheel.  Another
> disturbing sight is seeing the people who are wearing Walkman headphones
> while driving...  And then, I suppose, there's me driving around looking
> into other peoples' cars.  ;)
> -Lou

More than just urban myth that EMTs have discovered many a driver with a
newspaper or book between the torso and steering wheel on extrication.  I'm
in the EMT national cert. program up here (it's all volunteer where I live,
they need 'em, so what the heck) and the stories about what leads to MVAs
still amazes me.  Radio listening habits must play some role.  A car being
wheeled away had it's battery disconnected but just before doing so, the
electrical system briefly went back on line only to reveal an eardrum
crushing volume of noise coming from the wreckage.  What a way to go!

Bill O'Neill