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Re: WJIB automation

At 09:03 AM 11/26/02 -0500, you wrote:
>  A. Joseph Ross wrote:
>>Funny, I think I heard a Christmas song on WJIB this morning.  Yesterday 
>>morning, on
>>LTAR, Bob was describing how he gradually adds more Christmas music until 
>>the way stations used to do.
>Does he have a "real" automation system now or does he have a whole bank 
>of VCR tapes with varying percentages of Christmas music on them that he 
>gradually rotates in?

He's got a "real" computer system now for most of the day.  Although if 
memory serves, the VCR tape system is now used by Steve Provizer to 
automate the playback of Allston-Brighton Free Radio on Sunday nights.   So 
the system lives on!!!  ;-)

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