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Re: WQSO Goes Jockless All Christmas Music

Chuck Igo wrote:

>   i know that when the Hoy family sold WIDE/WBYC in 1984, one of the 
> traditions
>that went out the door was the month-of-Holiday music on WBYC-FM (94.3... 
>when Thanksgiving had come and gone, there was a much larger
>outcry over the lack of holiday music than anyone had anticipated.  but i 
>loved, and still do, the response crafted by then-GM Dick Lutsk:
>"This radio station is on the air for 12 months a year, but absolutely NO ONE
>listens to it for 11 months of the year."  there was not one advertiser or
>listener capable of presenting a valid point to the contrary.

Sad but true commentary on many small market stations that sound small 
market & hokey .  You have a station that no one seems to know exists, yet 
when new owners try to change things in an attempt to actually attract an 
audience screams are heard well into the next county how they're 
"destroying a local legend".  Been there.