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Re: WQSO Goes Jockless All Christmas Music

regarding the holly-bedecked halls of WQSO, 96.7, Rochester, NH, Dan C wrote:
> I listened for a little bit Sunday and today.  Very boring.......:(

well, i listened on the northbound trip Sunday after the sound thrashing given 
the Vikings of Minnesota by our very own, beloved New England Patriots.  i was 
particularly taken by the touching holiday tale of Santa Claus and his Old Lady 
as told by Cheech & Chong.  yes, 'tis Christmas!  
  actually, though... "before Thanksgiving" is one thing, but T-day is rather 
tardy on the calendar this year.  i am, however, a Christmas person and have no 
problem playing season selections year round.  although i admit to sneaking in 
the more secular/seasonal tunes than the religious ones, such as The 
Ronettes' "Sleigh Ride" on a hot, steamy August day.
  i know that when the Hoy family sold WIDE/WBYC in 1984, one of the traditions 
that went out the door was the month-of-Holiday music on WBYC-FM (94.3... now 
WCYY).  the new ownership, Jim McCann's Ocean Coast Broadcasting, took over in 
November of '84.  when Thanksgiving had come and gone, there was a much larger 
outcry over the lack of holiday music than anyone had anticipated.  but i truly 
loved, and still do, the response crafted by then-GM Dick Lutsk:
"This radio station is on the air for 12 months a year, but absolutely NO ONE 
listens to it for 11 months of the year."  there was not one advertiser or 
listener capable of presenting a valid point to the contrary.  WBYC actually 
had EXCLUSIVE advertisers for the one month of the year(the Christmas Music 
Month); the remainder of the year was filled with dollar-a-holler ROS spots 
from either WIDE buys or the dreaded "Chinese Auction."
   and yes, Dick Lutsk did turn the station around and made it a very 
profitable venture.
- -Chuck Igo