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  Cooper Fox wrote:

>WTOS in refference to Northern Maine is one of the few
>exceptions to that rule.  It's the closesr rock
>station to The County.  At least it was back in the
>mid to late 90s when I was still in high school.  We
>used to bid our time on the way down the I95 till we
>got to about Island Falls/Patten(90 miles north of
>Bangor).  That was when we could pick up WTOS with
>someone good quality.

I will argue the point that WTOS has a crummy signal.  A Class C with an 
8-bay antenna from the summit of Sugarloaf gets out quite nicely.  On any 
car radio I've ever had it seemed to cover half the state of Maine and most 
of northern N.H.  Granted, it's signal covers a lot of boonies, but they 
still have one kickin' signal.  Format isn't my cup of tea, but still...