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Re: WCAS 740 AM Cambridge

Count me among the avid 'CAS listeners of the mid-'70s, too. The lineup
I recall was Rick Starr, mornings; Moe Shore, late afternoon, and either
Lisa Karlin or Frank Dudgeon middays. I remember Joan Orr and Dan Murphy
as well, but I guess I wasn't a fan when Donna was on there.

That station's music mix was unique. 'CAS gave me my first exposure to
the British folk-rock of Steeleye Span and Fairport Convention, but the
playlist also included songs like Van Morrison's "Caravan" and Fleetwood
Mac's "Warm Ways" and hybrid compositions such as Rampal and Bolling's
"Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano" -- none of which you could really call
"folk" or, in the case of Rampal/Bolling, "rock." 

'CAS certainly seemed to have plenty of advertisers -- although they
were probably paying next to nothing for the spots -- and a devoted
audience that didn't switch the station whenever a song that didn't
sound like the one that just played came on. WADN and WUMB were and are
noble attempts to serve that audience, but neither presented the broad
spectrum of music that 'CAS did in the '70s. And it goes without saying
that nobody in commercial radio will ever try to do that again.

By the way, I stumbled across Dan Murphy's Web site last year and he was
promising a 'CAS nostalgia page back then, too. I dropped him a note
with my 'CAS memories, and got a nice note back, but no 'CAS page so