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  Aaron 'Bishop' Read wrote:

>I have noticed that most stations under 1000 watts (or the HAAT equivalent 
>of 1000 watts, like WMBR) tend to have a LOT of trouble getting listeners 
>- even during their good shows. In my experience unless you're pumping out 
>several hundred watts at a minimum you're not penetrating buildings worth 
>a damn in your core audience area, and that's 100% essential...unless 
>you're targeting drive time, at which point you need a lot of watts to 
>reach a wide area that people are driving in.

With very few exceptions, the days are gone when a station with a cruddy 
signal would still pull 'em in.  It amazes me to look back to the 60s/early 
70s when some Class IV graveyard channel AMs pulled amazing numbers.  The 
ever-newer WMEX gave WBZ & WRKO a run for the money even with a really 
awful signal that reached a lot of fish, but not much of anyone else.