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Re: Corporate network bash

With apologies to the late Phil Ochs:

Sung to the tune of "Small Circle of Friends":

The Prez is on the TV, says the bombs are gonna fall
Saddam has got the Big Bomb and he might just kill
us all
Maybe I should watch him to hear what he has to say
But "The King of Queens" is so much fun, so who 
cares anyway?

And I guess it doesn't matter much to anyone
Outside of a small circle of friends..."

(Note: the original tune was pure Ochs satire,
starting off with a reference to Kitty Genovese,
a New York City woman who was being stabbed to
death and nobody did anything to stop it.)

My opionion: yes, stations do have the option to carry
or not carry such a speech; as long as
_someone_ had it, that's what counts. However,
those who don't have cable may have missed out
(if Ch. 7, for example, didn't carry it). Perhaps
those who thought the speech was important enough
should consider boycotting the newscasts (national/
local) of the networks/stations involved. If they
consider themselves more interested in entertainment
and making money than presenting news events,
then maybe it's time to turn elsewhere for the

And, judging by recent network nightly newscast
ratings, many apparently are...

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