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Re: WCAP Happenings

At 07:53 PM 10/2/2002, Mark Watson wrote:
>the window of an ice cream shop are doing talking into microphones!! I bet
>there aren't any other local or national daily radio shows that originate
>from an ice cream stand or shop. I know there is/ was aTalk America morning
>talk show that originates daily from the Shawmut Diner in New Bedford MA. Is
>that show still on the air? I don't think anyone in the Boston area carries
>this show.
>Mark Watson

The old Radio Free Allston broadcast all their shows out of Herrell's Ice 
Cream shop on the corners of Brighton & Harvard Avenues for many months 
during it's pirate run on 106.1FM.   Eventually RFA moved down the street 
to the "Allston Mall" since they were getting too popular and taking up too 
many tables during business hours  :-)

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