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WCAP Happenings

  As of last Monday, Sept.23, WCAP (980 Lowell) ended it's 20+ year
affiliation with the ABC Radio Network. WCAP started picking up USA Radio
Network news that day. I remember when WCAP first joined the ABC net, they
carried the ABC Direction Network news feed tape delayed for many years.
These days, I don't think ABC even calls all their various networks by the
names many of us remember over the years (ABC Contemporary Network, FM
Network, etc.)

   In other WCAP news, Monday Sept.23 was also the day that the station's
"Afternoon Live" show hosted by Gary Francis and Ryan Johnston moved out of
the 243 Central St. studios (and broadcast equipment/ broken refrigerator
museum) to it's new home at 263 Merrimack St. in Downtown Lowell (by the
corner of Dutton St. within sight of Lowell City Hall). The show originates
in a storefront window studio inside the newly opened second location of
Gary's Ice Cream. Of course all the folks on the list (and the general
public) can stop by for an ice cream and see live local radio Monday-Friday
from 4-7 PM. And if you stop by or tune in this Friday, you'll be treated to
a return appearance of Donna Halper, who will share more of her vast
knowledge and insights of radio and TV history in New England and beyond.
Donna will be filling in for Ryan Johnston, who'll be off with the Lowell
Lock Monsters as their exhibition season continues.

   (Shameless plug mode on): And if you stop by or tune in on Monday Oct.7,
I'll be filling in for Ryan Johnston as he'll be away with Lock Monster
commitments.(Shameless plug mode off.)  BTW I filled in last Friday for
Ryan, it sure was different sitting in a shop window watching the people and
traffic pass by, some folks probably wondering what the heck those guys in
the window of an ice cream shop are doing talking into microphones!! I bet
there aren't any other local or national daily radio shows that originate
from an ice cream stand or shop. I know there is/ was aTalk America morning
talk show that originates daily from the Shawmut Diner in New Bedford MA. Is
that show still on the air? I don't think anyone in the Boston area carries
this show.

Mark Watson