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Solid Gold Sunday On WJIB

   I read on this week's NERW from Scott Fybush that starting this Sunday
October 6, Bob Bittner's  WJIB (740 Cambridge MA) will launch a new Sunday
afternoon oldies show, "Solid Gold Sunday". The show will air from 2 to 8 PM
and will feature pre-Beatles oldies back to the early days of the rock era.
There may be a couple of mid or later 60's tunes tossed in, but the
50's/early 60's era apparently will be the focus. The report doesn't say if
the show will be live with a host or just tunes played by the automation,
but for the folks who miss their pre-Beatles oldies since they disappeared
from Oldies 103.3, if they're within listening range of the mighty 740's 250
watt signal (drops to 5 watts at sundown) I'm sure it will be a welcome
addition to the Sunday radio offerings in the Boston area. Thanks Bob

Mark Watson