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WLVI Hosting Gubernatorial Debate With All Candidates

  Just saw on the WLVI (Channel 56 Cambridge/Boston) news that they will
broadcast a Massachusetts Gubernatorial debate next Wednesday night October
9 at 10 PM which will include all candidates on the ballot. Channel 56
management decided today to hold this debate to allow the 3 candidates
excluded from last night's televised debate an opportunity to be heard, the
2 major party candidates were also invited to participate. So far 4 out of
the 5 candidates will be participating, with Shannon O'Brien trying to
resolve a "scheduling conflict" that may or may not allow her to
participate. The 3 candidates excluded from last night's debate are thrilled
that they'll have a chance to have a forum to be heard and discuss the
issues. Be curious to see how other media outlets cover this and if this
will have any bearing on the last statewide televised debate at the end of
the month as far as including all 5 candidates in that forum.

Mark Watson