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Re: WLVI Hosting Gubernatorial Debate With All Candidates

Mark Watson said:
>  Just saw on the WLVI (Channel 56 Cambridge/Boston) news that they will
> broadcast a Massachusetts Gubernatorial debate next Wednesday night
> October 9 at 10 PM which will include all candidates on the ballot.
> Channel 56 management decided today to hold this debate to allow the 3
> candidates excluded from last night's televised debate an opportunity
> to be heard, the 2 major party candidates were also invited to
> participate. So far 4 out of the 5 candidates will be participating,
> with Shannon O'Brien trying to resolve a "scheduling conflict" that may
> or may not allow her to
> participate. The 3 candidates excluded from last night's debate are
> thrilled that they'll have a chance to have a forum to be heard and
> discuss the issues. Be curious to see how other media outlets cover
> this and if this will have any bearing on the last statewide televised
> debate at the end of the month as far as including all 5 candidates in
> that forum.

Does this have "publicity opportunity" written all over it or what?

Not saying that this will be a sham...I am sure Keller (if he is conducting
the debate) will do a thorough and analytical job with this. But Tribune
also saw this as a nice little way of getting Channel 56's name out there.
Shrewd marketing move.