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Re:Re: WLVI Hosting Gubernatorial Debate With All Candidates

Mark Watson said:
>  Just saw on the WLVI (Channel 56 Cambridge/Boston) news that they will
> broadcast a Massachusetts Gubernatorial debate next Wednesday night
> October 9 at 10 PM which will include all candidates on the ballot.

>Sean writes:
>Does this have "publicity opportunity" written all over it or what?

>Not saying that this will be a sham...I am sure Keller (if he is >conducting the debate) will do a thorough and analytical job with >this. But Tribune also saw this as a nice little way of getting >Channel 56's name out there.
>Shrewd marketing move.

Dave answers:
Good for WB56, however the time slot they are putting the debate into guarantees there will be no other live TV coverage of the debate with the possible exceptions of channels 2 and 38 but I seriously doubt they will carry it live...hopefully I'll be proven wrong.  Of course by beginning it at 10pm WB56 doesn't give up any programming time either.