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Re: Message from WUMB re: WLYN

elipolo@earthlink.net said:
> Hi folks,
> The following message is from WUMB, regarding the temporary arrangement
>  with WLYN. I was told that this arrangement was suggested by Grady
> Moates, Chief Engineer for both WUMB and WLYN.
> ------------
>>Our newest WUMB broadcast repeater station is WLYN 1360 AM in Lynn. We
>>started broadcasting on the station last night. However, this is ONLY A
>>TEMPORARY SITUATION, which will only be lasting a few weeks.
>>WLYN is in the process of being sold, so they needed to have some
>>programming placed on the station temporarily so new prospective owners
>> can hear what the signal sounds like.
>>We already got our first call from a very excited regular listener to
>>WUMB in Charlestown, who stumbled upon 1360 accidently this afternoon
>>and was hoping this was a permanent arrangement since he has trouble
>>picking up our signal regularly.

I don't understand the excuse that WLYN's new owners needed to hear the
signal strength...what about the ethnic leased-time programs they have been
running for the last few years? Couldn't the new owners have plugged that
back onto the schedule?

For all the years I lived in South Boston, I NEVER could pick up WUMB with
much success. There was always scratchiness, always interference.
Personally, I think a repeater on 1360 might be a good move for WUMB. Heck,
if they can spend all that money on building the relays in Newburyport and
Worcester and on the Cape, why couldn't they buy 1360? Maybe the AM could
become WUMB's main signal, and students could reclaim some of the FM
dayparts...wait a minute, I'm living in a dream world.