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Message from WUMB re: WLYN

Hi folks,

The following message is from WUMB, regarding the temporary arrangement 
with WLYN. I was told that this arrangement was suggested by Grady Moates,
Chief Engineer for both WUMB and WLYN.

>Our newest WUMB broadcast repeater station is WLYN 1360 AM in Lynn. We
>started broadcasting on the station last night. However, this is ONLY A
>TEMPORARY SITUATION, which will only be lasting a few weeks.
>WLYN is in the process of being sold, so they needed to have some
>programming placed on the station temporarily so new prospective owners 
>can hear what the signal sounds like.
>We already got our first call from a very excited regular listener to 
>WUMB in Charlestown, who stumbled upon 1360 accidently this afternoon 
>and was hoping this was a permanent arrangement since he has trouble 
>picking up our signal regularly.

Eli Polonsky

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