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Re: ABC Radio on the block?

The last time this happened, about 60 years ago, (OK, it wasn't quite the same; 
the FCC made RCA sell off one of its radio networks and broke up all of its 
dupoloies), the life saver turned out to be LifeSavers. The guy who brought the 
Blue Network (which later became ABC) and roughly half of NBCs O&Os was a guy 
named Noble, who had made his fortune in LifeSavers candy.
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> Broadcasting & Cable quotes Disney Chairman Michael Eisner as saying the radio
> division might be sold if someone offers the right price.  But who could/would
> take on such an acquisition in this highly-leveraged marketplace where all (or
> nearly all) of the likely players are maxed out?  Given the talk about combining
> ABC News with CNN, would AOLTW be interested in becoming a major player in the
> radio biz?  It's shocking that radio could become a 'non-core asset' to Eisner,
> but given Disney's financial woes I suppose anything is possible.  CapCities is
> looking pretty good in retrospect...
> Take care,
> Chris