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Re: ABC Radio on the block?

Given Disney's financial woes, Disneyland would be available at the right
price.  Don't think for a moment that Eisner wouldn't sell the farm if it
would make a blip on the balance sheet that would (momentarily) make him
look good.

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Subject: ABC Radio on the block?

> Broadcasting & Cable quotes Disney Chairman Michael Eisner as saying the
> division might be sold if someone offers the right price.  But who
> take on such an acquisition in this highly-leveraged marketplace where all
> nearly all) of the likely players are maxed out?  Given the talk about
> ABC News with CNN, would AOLTW be interested in becoming a major player in
> radio biz?  It's shocking that radio could become a 'non-core asset' to
> but given Disney's financial woes I suppose anything is possible.
CapCities is
> looking pretty good in retrospect...
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> Chris