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Re: Message from WUMB re: WLYN

>Original Message:
>From: Sean Smyth ssmyth@suscom.net
>Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 17:03:57 -0400 (EDT)
>To: elipolo@earthlink.net, boston-radio-interest@bostonradio.org
>Subject: Re: Message from WUMB re: WLYN
>I don't understand the excuse that WLYN's new owners needed to hear the
>signal strength...what about the ethnic leased-time programs they have been
>running for the last few years? Couldn't the new owners have plugged that
>back onto the schedule?

That's a good question, perhaps the new owners don't want to agree to air 
leased programming for a short time that they may remove soon for thier 
own plans or different programming, or perhaps they didn't agree to the 
previous owners lease arrangements.

>For all the years I lived in South Boston, I NEVER could pick up WUMB with
>much success. There was always scratchiness, always interference.

Southie should be a prime area for WUMB, coming right over the water 
from their Quincy tower. Perhaps you're too close to Boston and getting 
intermodulation overload interference from the commercial boomers on the 
Pru? In that case, I'd suggest lowering or lessening your antenna some. 

If you're using a receiver with poor intermod rejection and selectivity 
such as a boombox, walkman, or clock radio, there may not be much you can
do about it.

>Personally, I think a repeater on 1360 might be a good move for WUMB. 
>Heck, if they can spend all that money on building the relays in 
>Newburyport and Worcester and on the Cape, why couldn't they buy 1360? 
>Maybe the AM could become WUMB's main signal, and students could reclaim 
>some of the FM dayparts...wait a minute, I'm living in a dream world.

#1): Not enough people listen to AM mono for music to make it their main 
signal, or have AM stereo recievers should it go stereo.

#2): WLYN's reduced power at night doesn't cover Boston very well, and 
WUMB covers a lot of metro south suburbs (before the Cape relay comes 
in) that WLYN doesn't reach well and they wouldn't want to lose.

#3): I don't think there ever were students on WUMB-FM, only on the closed
circuit station that preceded it. If there were, it was brief, and very few.

Eli Polonsky

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