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Re:Re: Debate lawsuit

<tklaundry@juno.com> said:

> Not only is the lawsuit against the Media corporations not being
> reported,

Not so.  I heard a Carl Stevens story on the lawsuit this morning on


That's why I started my post with the question about whether anyone had heard any stories about this.  So, Carl had the story Monday that was on the wire Saturday.  Am I correct to assume the TV's haven't covered it yet?  

Interesting note that I only saw once I arrived at work.  The press release from Carla Howell, she is the one who filed a complaint with the FCC and a suit in Worcester Superior Court (The others filed suit in Middlesex Superior Court and not with the FCC) she claims WPI contacted her 2 weeks ago to iron out details of her participation and even had her listed as a participant on their website, but then the media consortium sponsoring the event took a "secret" vote to exclude the "minor" candidates.  She claims repeated telephone calls to the sponsors are getting conflicting stories about what happened.