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RE: Gubernatorial lawsuit

My take (as a local elected guy..)

If you meet the criteria the state has set for getting your name on the
ballot, then by all means you should be included in all debates.

Heck, because John Kerry does not have a REPUBLICAN opponent, I guess
there's no need to even have a debate.

Despite the fact I generally don't like gov't interference, this is one
place where the TV stations should not be DEMPUBLICAN-REPUBLICRAT central!

Paul Hopfgarten
East Derry NH 03041

> He may have a point; then again, if I declare for
> governor tomorrow, running as the candidate of
> the Very Silly Party (a nod to Monty Python's
> "Election Returns" sketch), do I get to go up
> there, too? (Maybe I missed the deadline... :) )
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