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Re: Gubernatorial lawsuit

--- Dave Faneuf <tklaundry@juno.com> wrote:
> I found it interesting that the AP reported Saturday
> that Green Party
> Gubernatorial Candidate Jill Stein and Independent
> Party Gubernatorial
> Candidate Barbara Johnson filed suit 

I understand Libertarian candidate Carla Howell has
also sued. David Brudnoy has said on his show that all
candidates should be up there on stage.

He may have a point; then again, if I declare for
governor tomorrow, running as the candidate of
the Very Silly Party (a nod to Monty Python's
"Election Returns" sketch), do I get to go up
there, too? (Maybe I missed the deadline... :) )

Ralph Nader, running for President as candidate of
the Green Party, also protested his exclusion
from debates. He got more than a few votes...

PS: I am running under the name Hippy Dippy Weatherman
in case anyone wishes to write me in :)

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