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Re: Gubernatorial lawsuit

Bob Nelson writes:
> I understand Libertarian candidate Carla Howell has
> also sued. David Brudnoy has said on his show that all
> candidates should be up there on stage.
> He may have a point; then again, if I declare for
> governor tomorrow, running as the candidate of
> the Very Silly Party (a nod to Monty Python's
> "Election Returns" sketch), do I get to go up
> there, too? (Maybe I missed the deadline... :) )
> Ralph Nader, running for President as candidate of
> the Green Party, also protested his exclusion
> from debates. He got more than a few votes...
> PS: I am running under the name Hippy Dippy Weatherman
> in case anyone wishes to write me in :)

Interesting dilemma...

In Pennsylvania's gubernatorial debates, they had two alternative parties
represented in addition to the Democratic (Ed Rendell) and Republican (Mike
Fisher) candidates, Michael Morrill of the Green Party and Ken Krawchuk of
the Libertarian Party were also allowed into the debate. I believe Krawchuk
made some comments about women and rape that some deemed offensive at one of
the debates, though I can't recall what exactly was said.

I think one of the problems with regards to smaller-party candidates in
debates is what they may say, for example. Some of their ideas are deemed
pretty out-of-line by the establishment. Could some of these candidates say
something perceived as slanderous by others, just to get 'noticed'? I think
allowing the candidates from any party that gets more than 5 percent of the
vote in the previous election is a fair standard.