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RE: Gubernatorial lawsuit

And just WHOSE 5% are you going to use? If I worked at TV station X and did
NOT want the Slanderous Party nominee on my debate, I'd simply commission a
poll that garauntees that the 5% threshold is not met.

If you don't want so called 'minor party' candidates on debates, elect
Republicrats and Democans that will make their entry on the ballot more

Paul Hopfgarten
East Derry NH 03041

> I think one of the problems with regards to smaller-party candidates in
> debates is what they may say, for example. Some of their ideas are deemed
> pretty out-of-line by the establishment. Could some of these
> candidates say
> something perceived as slanderous by others, just to get
> 'noticed'? I think
> allowing the candidates from any party that gets more than 5
> percent of the
> vote in the previous election is a fair standard.