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Re: Commercials 103.3

  Roy Lawrence wrote:
>Welcome to the world of corporate (Greed) radio ....
>where stops sets are guaranteed to be at least 8
>minutes in length! At what...3 or 4 an hour!

I was listening ot an aircheck of WKPE/Orleans circa mid 80s (which I 
believe was privately owned at the time), and they had several mega-length 
stopsets in the hour I heard.  Hardly a new phenomenon.  As I recall, in 
the mid-60s it raised quite a stir when Bill Drake actually limited spots 
to (I believe) 12 min/hr.  Before that, it was quite common to have 15-20 
min/hr (though not clustered, just cluttered).

>WODS played the edited version of "Light My Fire" by
>the Doors? yuck!!! That's as bad as reading a great
>noval with several chapters missing in the middle.
>Gotta squeeze in more spots!

You mean the same 3:00 ***HIT SINGLE*** version that many on this list grew 
up listening to?  Every oldies station I've ever heard plays that 
version.  They're not trying to be a classic rocker!  Maybe they ought to 
play the long version of "In A Gadda Da Vida" too.  Sheesh, at least find 
something legitimate to gripe about.

>Roy Lawrence
>(Whose CD player in the car is always armed and ready
>for the corporate radio commercial clutter).

Who also seems to be just looking for an excuse to bash today's radio.