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Commercials 103.3

As a music and radio lover, I get disgusted when I
tune in a station and am bombarded with long
commercial breaks. Sure, they "pay the bills" but
sometimes it gets ridiculous. I was listening to
Oldies 103.3's Thu. Night Countdown, and it seemed
like they played 3 songs, maybe 4, followed by a long
commercial break (you could tune out, then tune in 5
minutes later and find you didn't miss any songs).
That kept repeating. In the space of 45 minutes, 
I think about 6 or 7 songs were played. 

If each song was no longer than 3 minutes (and that
did seem to be the case; the version of "Light My
Fire" that was played was the SHORT version), you have
about 21 minutes of music and 24 minutes of
commercials. If there were truth in advertising,
shouldn't they call themselves what they mostly
feature? "Commercials 103.3". We now interrupt these
spots for a brief song, then more of your favorite
ads... (Jingle..."Commercials 103.3....W-O-D-S,

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