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Re: Commercials 103.3

"SteveOrdinetz" wrote:

> You mean the same 3:00 ***HIT SINGLE*** version that many on this
> list grew up listening to?  Every oldies station I've ever heard plays
> version.  They're not trying to be a classic rocker!  Maybe they ought
> play the long version of "In A Gadda Da Vida" too.  Sheesh, at least
> something legitimate to gripe about.

Just to let you know that when WRKO started playing album cuts,
they wanted to play In A Gadda Da Vida, but the 15:00+ time was too much
even for an album cut.  The single at 2:43 was just WAY TOO
short.  So, I cut it down to 9:49 and they aired it.  A WRKO technician
who claimed to know the song by heart (played drums in a band that
covered it) could detect only one edit out of many.  The drum solo was
left intact.  I'd call that a good compromise.

Roger Kirk