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Re: Entercom pulls the plug on streaming audio...

At 03:22 PM 5/31/2002, Peter Murray wrote:
>If broadband were available in the car, the public would pay more 
>attention to these issues. In the mean time, legacy broadcast models are 
>fighting to hang onto their cornered market tooth and nail in the same 
>manner of the recording industry - based on old technological limitations 
>that don't exist anymore (or won't exist soon).
>Peter Murray (N3IXY)
>Pittsburgh, PA

If broadband were available in the car you'd see 1000 crashes every day on 
the Mass roads alone as people tried to read their email at 75MPH.  It'd be 
like cellphone-distraction on uber-steroids.  :-)

Just kidding.  To some degree...IBOC (digital radio on AM/FM) will have a 
form of broadband inherently in it as it can provide data services 
quasi-separate from the audio stream.  It's not two-way, unless some third 
party marries a cellphone into a model as the upstream connection...not 
dissimilar to OnStar.  But it could be used for streaming - in theory at 
least.  Once we get to all-digital (not analog/digital hybrid) then 
additional audio data streams are possible, but in hybrid mode there might 
not be enough bandwidth to maintain a live audio feed.   Lots of 
constantly-updating on-demand is certainly possible.

I suggest reading up - but be prepared to drown in technical data - at 
these sites:
www.impulseradio.com  (these guys are all about data services)

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