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Lost 45's #2 (was Re: ** A Brand New Boston Radio Show!)

    "A Brand New Boston Radio Show"?  Sorry. It seems
that WODS is putting all of its' eggs in one basket,
"The Lost 45's" basket.  I can handle one night of
"disco, disco and more disco" with the "Lost 45's". 
But Saturday night used to be special on Oldies 103.3
with the vintage oldies. First, they dump "Little
Walter".  Then, they don't play anything earlier than
1964.  Now, they add yet another night of "Lost 45's".
So, I do not listen to WODS on Saturday nights
anymore.  Instead, I turn to WWBB ("B-101") in
Providence.  Let's face it, WWBB is a better station. 
I think that WODS is basically tuning out its'
audience.  WCBS-FM, it is not.

--- Howard Glazer <hmglaz@webtv.net> wrote:
> Barry Scott wrote:
> >Oldies 103.3 announces the addition of a
> > unique, new radio program to the
> > line-up starting this Saturday, June 1st,
> > from 8 to Midnight! 
> >"Oldies 103.3's Saturday Night Party,"
> > hosted by Barry Scott, will feature the
> > best Dance and Party tunes of all time!
> >Each week the show will blend tunes
> > from the disco/dance era of the 70s with
> > the biggest pop/rock party hits of the
> > 60s and 70s, into Boston's best
> > Saturday Night Party!
> That ends the Saturday request show, eh? Will this
> new show be digging
> deep into the music library for "lost party gold" or
> will it adhere to
> WODS's ultra-tight playlist? Not that I'm really
> looking forward to it
> either way -- if you segue from "Jungle Boogie" into
> "More More More"
> into "Jive Talking," you'll be triggering some
> pretty ugly college dorm
> memories.
> With the request show gone, will there be any
> pre-British Invasion music
> at all on 103.3?
> Howard

Peter Q. George (K1XRB)
Whitman, Massachusetts
                           "Scanning the bands since 1967"

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