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Re: Lost 45's #2 (was Re: ** A Brand New Boston Radio Show!)

  Peter Q. George wrote:

I can handle one night of"disco, disco and more disco" with the "Lost 45's".
> But Saturday night used to be special on Oldies 103.3
> with the vintage oldies. First, they dump "Little
> Walter".  Then, they don't play anything earlier than
> 1964.  Now, they add yet another night of "Lost 45's".

   And there is more and more disco and 70's/ 80's oldies creeping into the
regular "500 oldies" rotation. I have heard over the past few days such
ditties as "Dancing Queen" (ABBA), "Turn The Beat Around" (Vicki Sue
Robinson), "Always & Forever" (Heatwave), "Gloria" (Laura Branigan), and
"Celebration" (Kool & The Gang) just to name a few. And I've also heard even
newer jingles with more of a "Star 93.7" feel to them. So I guess they must
adjust the playlist to match the jingles.

 Peter Q. George also wrote:
> So, I do not listen to WODS on Saturday nights
> anymore.  Instead, I turn to WWBB ("B-101") in
> Providence.  Let's face it, WWBB is a better station.
> I think that WODS is basically tuning out its'
> audience.  WCBS-FM, it is not.

  And WWBB still has a Saturday night request show, correct?

  With WODS dumping their "Saturday Night Request Party", that leaves Boston
radio without a Saturday night oldies request show for the first time in
many years. I don't know what year Jim Sands started his several year
Saturday night run on the former WHDH (850). In fact he went head to head
for some time with Joe Martelle's request show on the 98.5 incarnation of
WROR.  IIRC, WODS started their Saturday night request show not long after
they signed on in 1987. Jim Sands showed up in the mid 90's at WODS and
hosted the 6-10 PM portion until he retired. And did the 1150 incarnation of
WMEX have a Saturday night request show? I think someone had mentioned that
Little Walter held down the Saturday night spot at 1150 for a while, did he
take requests? Was there a time when all four above mentioned stations had
Saturday night request shows at the same time? I think WHDH's was first to
go, when they flipped to all talk. If anyone can correct or clarify this,
feel free to do so. I'm trying to rely on memory, doesn't always work!!LOLOL

    So in addition to WWBB, WDRC-FM (102.9 Hartford) also has a Saturday
night request show, and at least until the Saturday of Labor Day weekend,
WCAP (980 Lowell) has the "Saturday Night Sock Hop" with Gary Francis. Yes,
Gary does take requests, via phone, e-mail or in person at trailerside!! So
depending on where you live in relation to the above mentioned
stations'coverage areas, there are some options to request non-disco/dance

Mark Watson