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Re: Lost 45's #2 (was Re: ** A Brand New Boston Radio Show!)

From: "Mark Watson" <markwats@attbi.com>

> And did the 1150 incarnation of
> WMEX have a Saturday night request show? I think someone had mentioned
> Little Walter held down the Saturday night spot at 1150 for a while, did
> take requests?

I think 1150AM had some sydicated coutdown sattelite thing on Saturday
Nights for awhile.

Once I heard Walter on CGY with a caller on the line, *convincing* the
caller that a cut he wanted to play by said artist was better than the title
of the one she was calling for.

> Was there a time when all four above mentioned stations had
> Saturday night request shows at the same time? I think WHDH's was first to
> go, when they flipped to all talk. If anyone can correct or clarify this,
> feel free to do so. I'm trying to rely on memory, doesn't always

Actually, under Cary Pahigian WHDH went to the "Sounds of Sinatra"..and
worse yet, they made Jim Sands run the board for it!