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Re: Lost 45's #2 (was Re: ** A Brand New Boston Radio Show!)

Peter Q. George wrote:

> I can handle one night of  "disco, disco and more 
> disco" with the "Lost 45's". 

Strange, but I just checked Barry's Web Site and on the
Lost 45's Top 100 of 2001, only three songs listed could 
truly be considered bona fide disco:
Copacabana - Barry Manilow
Give It Up - KC
On The Radio - Donna Summer

Two marginal maybes:
Stars On 45 (Handclaps, yes.  Disco - not really)
Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas (More novelty than anything)

And 3 Abba's:
S.O.S., Mamma Mia & Take A Chance On Me.
I don't really consider Abba a Disco group.  
EuroPop, yes.  Disco, no.

Even including the Abba's & the maybe's, that still puts 
the total at only eight (out of 100).

Just look at the Top 20.  One could hardly consider Terry Jacks, 
Partridge Family, Rick Springfield, The Sweet, Al Wilson,
Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods, Rupert Holmes, Wildweeds,
Andy Kim, Charlene, Mama Cass & Vicki Lawrence disco.

So, unless Barry's weekly playlist routinely contains a 
significantly higher percentage than his Top 100, it would 
seem that disco would be a small portion of the evening's 

Considering that Top 40 in the 70's was top-heavy,
8% disco is quite low.

Comments anyone?


Roger Kirk