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RE: Ghost of Chris Lydon! :-)


According to Lydon's website www.christopherlydon.org he's doing substitute
talk show hosting in like the Republic of Ghana, or someplace like that.

I dare say Lydon miscalculated greatly his indispesability to WBUR, or his
hireablity at another station so far. Over a year since his depature from
WBUR Lydon still has not found a regular on-air gig.

It is interesting to see, IMHO, ever since WGBH decided to cancel the
celebrated 10 O'Clock news, the sort of martyr-victim complex surrounding
Lydon that's propagated by some of many of his loyal fans.

There seem to be people that think that somehow WBUR is still going to bring
him back, if they just scream and tear their hair out enough.

It's *NOT*, I repeat *NOT* going to happen!

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)

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On 24 May 2002 at 11:31, Aaron [Bishop] Read wrote:

> Anyone tuned into WBUR's The Connection during the first hour today
> ("traffic") got to hear one of the guests - the one who later mentioned he
> lives in Cambridge and works in downtown Boston - refer to Dick Gordon as
> "Chris" twice before Dick politely corrected him.

Whatever happened to Chris Lydon anyway?  I'd say Jane Cristo won that
battle handily.

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