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Re: Ghost of Chris Lydon! :-)

At 12:47 AM 5/25/2002, you wrote:
>On 24 May 2002 at 11:31, Aaron [Bishop] Read wrote:
> > Anyone tuned into WBUR's The Connection during the first hour today
> > ("traffic") got to hear one of the guests - the one who later mentioned he
> > lives in Cambridge and works in downtown Boston - refer to Dick Gordon as
> > "Chris" twice before Dick politely corrected him.
>Whatever happened to Chris Lydon anyway?  I'd say Jane Cristo won that 
>battle handily.
>A. Joseph Ross, J.D.                           617.367.0468

Then you haven't seen what Chris is getting paid to moderate those 
conferences for Harvard University  :-)   Plus let's not forget that WBUR 
took a serious hit in fundraising because of the Chris thing.   If it 
hadn't been for 9/11 then they'd be feeling the pinch even more than they 
already are.  Remember that six (or was it nine?) staffers were last off 
last November, and haven't you noticed the now-constant fundraising 
announcements?   Granted that's not solely b/c Chris is gone, but it sure 
didn't help.

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