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Re: History of 1570AM Beverly

"Donna Halper" <dlh@donnahalper.com>
said on  Wednesday, February 20, 2002 1:59 AM

> About a month ago, Brian was asking about the history of 1570.  I found
> a  6 December 1963 Boston Herald article about the station, with an
> interview with James F. Keogh.  The  article's title "NEWEST ESSEX COUNTY
> RADIO STATION WAITS WORD", and was about how WMLO was all ready to go on
> the air but was awaiting FCC final approval

Thank you, Donna, for the info.  Another aspect of WMLO is that it may have
been the first station whose call letters reflected their format ("mellow").
But come 1967 or so, they just couldn't resist the pull of the then
hugely-popular rock & roll, and programmed that music all day on Saturdays.
A guy named Bob Lowery did it for about three years, IIRC, and then a guy
named Steve Ferguson took over when he left.

BTW, thanks to Adam, I'm back on the list.  I have a new e-mail address
though:  bananastasi@rcn.com
Mail to the Javanet address is no longer being forwarded.