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Re: History of 1570AM Beverly

>it was written--
>I was wondering if anyone on this list could provide some history on 1570
>kHz in Beverly, originally WMLO, then WBVD, and now WNSH. I worked at the
>station from 1995-1997 and attempted to do some research at that time, but
>any archival information WNSH had was limited to the late 1980s onward. I
>know Donna Halper solicited information from this list several years ago on
>the early years of WMLO, and there wasn't a lot of information posted on the

Ah, I hear you calling!  Actually, I don't just solicit information.  I try 
to provide my fair share.  I know that WMLO went on the air on 22 December 
1963, although they told Radio/TV Annual that their license dated back to 
1960.  The first station owner I show is United Broadcasting, with John 
MacLellan listed as president and GM.