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Re: History of 1570AM Beverly

> >it was written--
> >I was wondering if anyone on this list could provide some history on 1570
> >kHz in Beverly, originally WMLO, then WBVD, and now WNSH. I worked at the
> >station from 1995-1997 and attempted to do some research at that time,
> >any archival information WNSH had was limited to the late 1980s onward. I
> >know Donna Halper solicited information from this list several years ago
> >the early years of WMLO, and there wasn't a lot of information posted on
> >listserve.
Sorry to stick this at the end of Mr. Russo and Ms. Halper's messages, but I
kinda sorta deleted all the other messages regarded 1570 by accident.
Anyways, one thing people are forgetting about the 1570 frequency is that
there was for many many years a station at 1570 out here in Westfield.  I
can't remember the calls, but Curt and Cele Hahn owned it.  They moved their
station from 1570 to clear channel 640 and got the new call letters WNNZ
just a year or two after we moved out here in 1985.  So now that the only
other 1570 is in Taunton, might that mean that 1570 in Beverly could
increase their signal and send it more westward at night (if indeed it is on
at night now)?

Brian Anastasi