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Re: History of 1570AM Beverly

About a month ago, Brian was asking about the history of 1570.  I found 
a  6 December 1963 Boston Herald article about the station, with an 
interview with James F. Keogh.  The  article's title "NEWEST ESSEX COUNTY 
RADIO STATION WAITS WORD", and was about how WMLO was all ready to go on 
the air but was awaiting FCC final approval.  Keogh was named in the 
article as station General Manager; he was raised in Gloucester but had 
been most recently working in Manchester NH.  Keogh said the station would 
play no rock and roll music, and would do a variety AC format, with heavy 
local news and sports.  Tracy Cole was to be news director, Don Williams 
was named as PD, Al Needham was to be Public Service Director.  500 
wonderful watts, sunrise to sunset.  Licensed to Beverly but operating from 
Danversport, according to the article.  And that's the way it was the month 
the station went on the air.