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WODS jingles, songs-in-a-row

Noticed tonight that WODS is really pushing the fact
that they play twelve songs in a row (perhaps a
response to WROR's "Seven Song Super Sets"?), even
to the point of using the liner "we're your twelve-in-
a-row oldies station" and there are new jingles
which sound fast and a bit more rockin', with
soulful vocals.

The music mix sounds the same, for now. I was going
back and forth between 'ROR and 'ODS and found that
most of the songs they were playing were probably
on each other's playlists, with some exceptions
('ODS was playing Dion's "Teenager in Love", which
I don't think 'ROR would play). They seem to be going
for "Beatles to mid-Seventies" time wise, though
'ROR also has some late 70s in the mix, and 'ODS
has some early 60s in the mix. (WODS and WROR tend
to ignore disco/ 70s bubblegum, though both do show
up on Oldies 103's "Lost 45s").

So, does it seem like WROR and WODS are trying
to woo each other's listeners?  

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