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RE: WODS jingles, songs-in-a-row

Bob noted some playlist/format changes on WODS and asked:
>>So, does it seem like WROR and WODS are trying
to woo each other's listeners?<<

i'd guess that WROR and WODS are trying to woo each other's listeners.  i
think the two stations would also like those that listen to, um, EVERY OTHER
station in town, too.  that's just a guess, though.

   WROR's format focus has been solid for the past two+ years.  WODS is
actually doing to the Oldies format what, imo, should have been done from
the start.
   When Oldies formats first hit the air back in the late 80's (format as we
know it currently: 54-74), and i went to work for the one in Portland in 89,
the concept was to play nothing "newer" than 15 years old.  i inquired as to
whether that meant the station/format would add another batch of tunes with
the passing of each year.  "yeah," they said.  hahahahaha.  it's still
funny.  without allowing the format to grow, gradually, in order to appease
a new batch of the populace to whom the nostalgia thing is fun and should be
relatable, the format itself is destined to become the new upper-end-demo
choice.  sadly, those of us in our, er, really really late 30's (okay, mid
40's... damn, that hurt just to type it.), will, in a very short time, be
that upper-end demo.
    i personally have no problem with allowing a format to change and evolve
to better serve a broad range of years while keeping the intent of the
format true.  should oldies stations be playing songs from 1987?  yeah,
there were four or five of 'em that were memorable. ;-)  and before you
scoff at a playlist that might encompass 30 years...  there are A/C stations
that play Motown and Oldies from the early 60's all the way up to today's
music.  that's an almost 40 year spread.  and the ratings seem to hold up
fairly well.  (yes, that would be WMJX)

- -Chuck Igo