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RE: WODS jingles, songs-in-a-row

For awhile, it seemed like WROR was trying to play not
only the top 40 hits of the 60s and 70s (except disco
or bubblegum), but also some tunes you'd consider 
"classic rock" (WZLX territory). Or at least they'd
emphasize that top 40 hits that were "classic
in nature. Now it seems like it's mostly pop, and much
like what WODS is doing, with the occasional late 70s
tune ("Misunderstanding" by Genesis, for one; though
it's possible WODS plays that one, too).

--- Chuck Igo <Chuckigo@worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> think the two stations would also like those that
> listen to, um, EVERY OTHER
> station in town, too.  that's just a guess, though.

I wonder if those who like 50s/early 60s, as opposed
mid-to-late 60s/70s, have now abandoned WODS for
news/talk stations (WRKO, WTKK, WBZ), sports (WEEI,
WWZN), or a station like WPLM...

>  there are A/C stations
> that play Motown and Oldies from the early 60's all
> the way up to today's
> music.  that's an almost 40 year spread.  

I had mentioned getting tapes of Classic Gold Radio
from the UK, and enjoyed how they covered from the
60s thru the 90s (even a couple of 50s gems). In their
case, there was also a bonus of hearing songs that
hit in the UK but not here.

A show like "Lost 45s" is good for someone like me
because it can bring back songs that aren't often
heard on oldies stations (and Barry does nice features
like TV moments and songs that hit #1 in the UK but
weren't hits at all here). Was just leafing through my
copy of Billboard's "One Hit Wonders" and noticed that
while some one-hit wonders DO wind up on oldies
station playlists, many others do not. Also, some
songs hit #1 but you never hear them any more. 

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