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RE: Question about legal IDs

Bob, it's City of License and then anything you want (Rio De Janero, Mars,
Jupiter, etc). As you noted already, COL is followed by the market your
trying to identify with the most. 

As an aside, when I worked at 1570 (now) WGSR Fernandina Beach, FL, the
NE-most community in FL, applied in 1980 to have "Saint Marys" GA added to
it's call sign's COL. It came back approved, based on thier review of
then-WHOG's city grade coverage. St.Mary's, GA is just across the St. Marys
River, the dividing line between FL and GA in that area. I seen this on an
official FCC form posted in the transmitter room. I think I have it at home
right now; the then-owner deemed it outdated. 

When we went to 10kw NDA (from 5kw), we then went with "WGSR Fernandina
Beach [FL] - St. Marys [GA], Brunswick [GA], Jacksonville [FL]".

Ron Gitschier
Latin America

I have heard cases where you hear the city of license
followed by the bigger city they're "serving". "WQSX
Lawrence- Boston" and "WKLB Lowell- Boston" are
examples of that. It's almost as if they WANT to
say "WQSX Boston" and "WKLB Boston" but the FCC
wants them to have the actual city of license put
in right after the call letters.

So is it:
Call letters/ City of License/ Bigger city being


Call Letters/ City of License/ City where antenna