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RE: Question about legal IDs

Does WCAP _really_ deliver 5 mV/m to Charlestown? I'm 
more likely to believe that WCAP does this at night than 
during the day. The day pattern sends a lot more energy 
to the north than the night pattern does. Problem is, at 
night, WCAP's interference-free-service contour is _a 
lot_ higher than 5 mV/m; it's probably _a lot_ higher 
than 25 mV/m--thanks to the huge signal from what used 
to be WTRY. (For those who didn't read the original 
message carefuly enough, when I say WCAP, I DO mean 
WCAP, even though the message is seemingly about WLLH.)
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> 2) it must be located within the principal community contour of some
> station licensed to the same community.
> As a result of this rule, WLLH's main studio is permitted to be in
> Charlestown.  (I don't know if it actually is, but it could be.)  This
> also means that all of the New York City stations could theoretically
> move their studios to New London, Connecticut, since two AMs (660 and
> 880) put a city-grade signal far out into Long Island Sound.