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RE: Question about legal IDs

For an AM at night, reaching the COL is defined as 
putting a signal greater than 26-dB above the RSS of the 
interfering 10% skywaves over at least 80% of the land 
area of the COL. From a posting a few days ago by 
Keating Willcox, who owns WNSH, I very much doubt 
whether this is the case for WNSH. No doubt it would 
have been the case had the applied-for night array 
worked within specifications, but Keating says that the 
night array didn't work at all and, as a result, WNSH is 
operating nondirectionaly with just a few watts at night.

If Keating intends to continue operating WNSH in this 
manner, the station will remain a Class D AM, which it 
always has been. Class D and Class C AMs are guaranteed 
no interference-free nighttime service.

Remember too that the United States is still notified by 
Canada of the long-dark CKLM 1570 in Lavalle PQ near 
Montreal. That means that, although La LM doesn't 
currently exist, Canada can reactivate a 1570 assignment 
in or near Montreal at will. If such a station rises 
from the dead, it will put such a huge nighttime signal 
into the Boston area that I doubt whether WNSH's 
interference-free nighttime contour will cover its 
ground system. Should that happen, I assume that Keating 
will decide to put WNSH to bed when the birds bed down 
for the night.
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> --- Paul Hopfgarten <hopfgapr@sprynet.com> wrote:
> Now, both the studio and transmitter are at Endicott
> and they do indeed reach their COL at all times.