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WUNH-FM Off the Air

A few nights ago, the University of Mass @ Lowell's WJUL-FM 91.5
was off the air, something that happens fairly often.  AS I
have noted before, when that happens, I like to try to receive
WNYE-FM 91.5 in NYC.  No such luck this time, but I did notice
that the University of NH's WUNH-FM 91.3 in Durham was also
off the air.  As a result, there was radio silence at my home
from WBUR thru WUMB (except for WPAA-FM 91.7 in Andover,
which ALWAYS is on the air even when not broadcasting.)
Well, I've checked a few times this week, and as of 1:00 pm
on Saturday Jan 12, WUNH is STILL off the air. Do any of you
folks in Graniteland know about this?

BTW, isn't it illegal for even a class D (a term from the
old days) like WPAA to leave its transmitter on ALL the time
even throughout the summer vacation as well as the XMAS/New Years
period just ended?

Laurence Glavin
Methuen, MA