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Re: WUNH-FM Off the Air

--- Laurence Glavin <lglavin@lycos.com> wrote:
> WUNH-FM 91.3 in Durham was also
> off the air.  
> BTW, isn't it illegal for even a class D (a term
> from the
> old days) like WPAA to leave its transmitter on ALL
> the time

Maybe 'UNH is on semester break and is not
broadcasting till classes start again (WMWM did that
years ago...we'd be off from when the fall semester's
"finals" ended up until the start of the spring

As for "leaving the transmitter on", it was said
recently either here or on the radio-info.com board
that you could leave the transmitter on as long as you
did meter readings during that time. 

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