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Re: when oldies stations drop the 50s...

Aaron 'Bishop' Read wrote:

>I have a deep-seated dislike of about 90% of the programming above 91.9 on 
>the dial (except for WBRS & WRBB of course).  I would love to see giant 
>radio networks get nuked and go back to fierce competition between 
>locally-owned stations.   I think it's coming.  Not today, certainly...nor 
>tomorrow...but 5 or 10 years from now perhaps.

I find non-coms are a bit too "out there" for my taste.

While I agree that much of today's radio (as Bruce would say) is "57 
channels and nothing on" and we certainly could use more players in most 
any market, I think "fierce competition between locally owned stations" is 
about as likely as Bradlees, Caldor & Zayre coming back from the dead and 
reclaiming market share lost to Walmart, Home Depot and the like.  Ain't 
gonna happen.  Times have changed.