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Re: WODS jingles, songs-in-a-row (fwd)

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Well, once KHJ became KKHJ, it took years and a special 
dispensation from the FCC to change them back.

Hopefully, WOR won't change. The station is sort of a 
living museum of old-time radio.

Until the early 60s, when WOR moved its Tx from Carteret 
to Lyndhurst, it not only had a three-letter call, it 
used a long-wire antenna that first went up in the late 
20s, I believe. The antenna had been modified, probably 
in the 30s, to become a three-element DA, in which the 
two end towers were the original supporting towers of 
the long-wire and the center element was the wire that 
fed the long-wire. The long-wire itself became a top-
load for the center "tower." There is one more such 
converted long-wire that I know of. It's stil running at 
1260 in San Fernando CA, a suburb of LA.

I don't know whether it was luck or good planning that 
resulted in the Carteret towers being oriented so that 
when converted to a DA they produced a null to the 
southeast to keep from wasting coverage over the 
Atlantic and a null to the northwest that protected CKVM 
in Ville-Marie PQ, a legacy co-channel station that WOR 
must protect, not to mention lobes over New York and 
Philadelphia. In the 40s, WOR used to boast that its 
nightime signal reached 36 million people in 18 states. 
That was more people than any other station claimed--
albeit in fewer than half the number of states.

Not only that, but WOR's studios at 1440 Broadway, have 
remained at the same location since sometime in the 
late '30s, when the station--then licensed to Newark NJ--
first opened "auxiliary" studios in New York. 
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> I think "WOR" and "KHJ" were very  valuable calls....too valuable to change.