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Re: RESEND Re: WODS Drake TOH ID gone

   Roger Kirk wrote:

> I must admit, I miss the old jingles, but at least the new ones should
> sound better than
> they do.

  I think the new WODS jingles are more suited for a hot AC or top 40
station. They definitely aren't oldies station material IMHO. I heard one of
those jingles out of "Sixteen Candles" by the Crests (1958) into
"Everlasting Love" by Carl Carlton (1974).

   Speaking of 1974, also heard three other new to WODS titles today from
that year: "Then Came You" by Dionne Warwick/Spinners, " Cat's In The
Cradle" by Harry Chapin, and "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe" by Barry
White. Except for Harry Chapin, the other 2 songs are in Star 93.7's
rotation. In fact, one of those new jingles into Barry White made me think I
must have Star 93.7 on....but the display on the car radio says 103.3.....

   And lastly: My girlfriend and I had a lively debate about these jingles.
I told her I don't like them, they don't fit an oldies format. She says she
didn't even notice them. She listens to a station for the music, she says
she pays no attention to the jingles, jock chatter, trivial facts, etc. She
also said that most listeners wouldn't notice the new jingles and probably
could care less that they've changed, and that only the folks on this list
will comment on them, either positively or negatively. In her opinion, it's
a fuss over nothing.

Mark Watson